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80s Glasses – clip from episode 266 (Pauline Dakin’s Life on the Run)

Which Is The More Valuable Half of a Pirate? – clip from ep 267 (Ching Shih, The Pirate Queen)

Making a Good Impression – clip from ep 269 (The Rendlesham Forest Incident)

Man Hates Trout – clip from ep 270 (The New Zealand Fish Terrorist)

Loch Ness Monster Live with Nick Mason – Do Go On Comedy Podcast

The History of Vegemite (with NICK MASON) – LIVE IN MELBOURNE – Do Go On Comedy Podcast (ep 183)

The Death of Carl McCunn – Do Go On Comedy Podcast (ep 128)

Donald Crowhurst & The Golden Globe Race (LIVE) – Do Go On Comedy Podcast (ep 130)

The Silent Gibbons Twins – The Do Go On Comedy Podcast (ep 129)

Clip from episode 249 – the Great Diamond Scam

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